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All Those Lives

    Two lives – at least. God designed us to live one life. There are two ways of thinking about that. We are born. We live until we die. Or We live one life at work one at home and another . . . {you fill in the blanks}. The other life is the one we live at church.
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Katrina – I’m No Exception {Part Two}

{This is Part Two of three part series. Read Part 1 here.} The grief follows me as closely as my shadow and never leaves me – never will.  There is no escaping that pain. Yet . . . Experience has taught me the closer I stay to the light, the smaller my shadow is. Jesus spoke these words in John
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The First Scary Step

Going with the belief that life is all about taking the first step even when it is scary – I’m beginning my blog. Curiosity is my encouragement to move forward. What does my life look like with God walking beside me? My life is my journey. Your life is your journey. Our stories may overlap as the earth we walk
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