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Light of the World

Following is part one of a series of mini devotionals I shared last week. I pray you will enjoy them and discover some new encouragement as Christmas approaches. This is a time to celebrate Christ’s arrival but it is a challenging time for so many. There is a joyful sadness – the blend of the eternal mixed with the earthly.


Through the storms of life our days can become so dark there is no sign of an end. Then suddenly, a tiny ray appears and as time passes the full light bursts through. Don’t give up. God is waiting to guide us through the storms and to pour His light over us. He is the perfect example of love. May we remember to see others who might be in the depths of their storms. Especially during these days leading up to the holidays. Be a hand out to comfort, encourage and love them. Watch how Jesus does it and learn. It’s beautiful. Isaiah 2:5



Walking through the woods the other day, trying not to trip over the sticks laying in the path, I was distracted by the brilliant glowing orange leaves of the poison oak. Against the gray, wet leaves on the floor of the woods, they were neon brilliant in contrast. How was that possible? Dropping to my knees to get a closer look, I discovered through the trees, the setting sun was strong enough to shine at an angle that perfectly illuminated the leaves from behind. They were indeed glowing. It was not of their own power, but the power of the light shining through them. As you can tell, it was beautiful. What if we each opened ourselves to the ray of Light Jesus brings into our world, allowing it to shine through us in the same way? What would this world look like? Wouldn’t we all be glowing? Amidst the gray background of the ugliness that threatens our very existence, we would instead, glow, bringing light into the world around us. It would change the world. Let’s make a decision to indeed be the very presence of the Light of Jesus in each of our worlds today. Be the one people come up to – curious about the source of the Light we so beautifully bring wherever we go. Have a great day!



As I’ve spent time exploring what the Bible has to say about Light, I have been overwhelmed how much God and Jesus have to say about it. As Jesus was preparing his disciples for His departure from earth, He knew their fears and anxieties as they realized He would no longer be walking with them. He assured them they would have a new, constant companion – He was not leaving them alone. As a group of us were discussing “Light” one day we each had our own definition. Most of the world acknowledges there is a higher power or an inner light within each of us. As I sat there gaining an understanding of how we each define what that means to us, all I could do was bow my head and whisper to myself “but my Light has a name. Holy Spirit.”
What is the source of your Light? Have you spent time considering its presence in your life and what that means – truly means. Since that day I have been able to speak one on one with some of the women sitting in that circle. Its presence in us is evident as people begin to know us and recognize “this Light” is what makes us different. Be bold. Go be different today and go be the Light in everyplace you walk today!

“Lord, we come before You, humbled by the season approaching Your earthly arrival in the flesh. May You remain our focus amidst daunting challenges with families, lost relationships and brokenness. May the reminders we see all around us bring our hearts to an awareness of Your presence and Your unfailing love for us. We love You Lord, God, Almighty. Forgive us when our struggles seem bigger than You. Stay close to us as we fall and let us always remember Your love for us is bigger than any enemy we might ever face. We are grateful that You knew how important Light would be as we spend this time here. You illuminate our paths. May we always follow You. Amen”



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