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A New Hope

In this season of advent, in this season of celebration – the past two days have reminded me as life so often does – of the fragility and uncertainty of our walk on this earth.

Amidst sparkling lights and Christmas carols playing, I received a message from my dear friend that her mother died after being with Hospice care for a few days.  “She’s gone.  Last breath, 11:52.  No more pain.”   It was not unexpected, yet sadness crept in around the edges as I sought words that might comfort her or bring that tiny little hope sent in a virtual word hug online in a facebook message.

That was yesterday.

Today another dear friend had a double mastectomy in her battle against stage two cancer. I just received a message saying she is out of surgery – in recovery.

Another friend began her chemo for breast cancer today.

But today is a celebration of my sister’s birthday.

It’s all drawing me to ponder…

So I wonder – what was going on the night Jesus was born? I’m guessing life was happening all around, just like it is here in our world today. On Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem, people died, people got sick, babies were born and life happened. Birthdays and anniversaries were celebrated.

The difference between today and Jesus’ day? Jesus changed the world in a forever way when He came and He brought something new to this earth. He brought a hope no one ever knew before. The hope bringing a reminder that only He knows the outcome of our temporary… but He is gracious enough and loves us so much that He chose to share with us the eternal. A hope of a different kind. Bringing with it a new season.

So, again in this new season, pray with me for all the sorrow and the suffering and praise with me for all the answered prayers, bodies healed, babies born and birthdays and anniversaries celebrated.

“Lord, we call upon You to carry us through the sad time, the hard times and to show Yourself to us over and over again in the struggles we humans suffer through each day. Loneliness, loss, sickness and death threaten to become a burden too heavy to carry. Plant that seed of hope in us and give us the courage to allow it to grow into the beautiful example of Your love for us. May we share it and pass it on and be a reflection of You to all we meet each day. Forgive us when we sin and let us clearly see it and turn it over to You as we ask forgiveness again. It is because of Your love for us – this I know – Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you! Amen.”

4 Responses to “A New Hope”

  1. Amy brown says:

    your words always make me warm and calm! Thank you, my dear friend!

  2. lynne C. martin says:

    Yes and Amen

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