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Glorify Your Name – Forever

Glorify Your name forever - 2

Some of the well known Psalms have so much energy, so much to think about, so much hope, so many promises, so many requests and so much love. This one is no exception. Filled with humility, worship, thankfulness and praise – I am always amazed how something that became an inspired, written word so very long ago, can seem so alive and connect so deeply with me today in 2014.

Take time to read and absorb the message and let it sink into you until it finds the place where these words become your words – your prayer to God – as you seek a deeper, more personal relationship with Him.

teach verb \ˈtēch\
: to cause or help (someone) to learn about a subject by giving lessons

truth noun \ˈtrüth\
the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true

fear noun
: a feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful

praise verb \ˈprāz\
: to express thanks to or love and respect for (God)

heart noun \ˈhärt\
: the heart thought of as the place where emotions are felt

glo·ri·fy verb \ˈglȯr-ə-ˌfī\
: to honor or praise

for·ev·er adverb \fə-ˈrev-ər, fȯ-; Southern often fə-ˈe-və\
: for an endless time : for all time

great adjective \ˈgrāt, Southern also ˈgre(ə)t\
: remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness

love noun \ˈləv\
: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

de·liv·er verb \di-ˈli-vər, dē-\
: to do what you say you will do or what people expect you to do : to produce the promised, wanted, or expected results
: to set free

depth noun \ˈdepth\
: a profound or intense state (as of thought or feeling) ; also : a reprehensibly low condition (2) : the middle of a time (as winter) (3) : the worst part

By reading the official definitions – I have a deeper understanding of the significance of the words that were chosen to give us this message. Common words, yet beautiful as they draw my thoughts together – desiring to grow closer to my God who loves me.

Dear Lord, Please open the hearts of the ones who read this just now. Let the words seep into our hearts and fill the empty places there. You have shown your love for us – you have rescued us from the darkness – we will be forever grateful. Walk with us always Lord, carry us out of the darkness and teach us Your ways. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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