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Grandma’s Scratch Pad

I vividly remember the moment the words sank into my mind. It was a few days after mom’s funeral. We were sitting around the kitchen table going through cards and kind notes filled with sweet memories of mom. A tender moment for each of us.

Turning the pages in mom’s address book, looking up addresses for the thank you notes we were preparing I came upon a curious piece of scratch paper. Immediately I recognized my Grandma Wiggins’ handwriting. It was just a grocery list. She always had a list. Just holding it in my hand brought back sweet memories.

Grandma was notorious for saving everything that could be repurposed – wait – was that even a word back then? She cut up every envelope that came in the mail and always had a ready stack to make a list or scribble a note or keep score when we played games for hours.

Something made me turn it over – curiosity maybe – maybe wanting to prolong that moment of reconnecting with my sweet childhood – maybe to remember that time when mom was a young mother with five kiddos always keeping her busy – dinner was always ready when dad got home from work.

Maybe just wanting to remember mom whole and not broken.

It was part of a newsletter dated 1962 from a children’s home grandpa and grandma supported. I was holding a piece that came toward the end of the report. I read the first sentence, but the second part resonated so deeply in my heart.

I don’t know who wrote the newsletter – I would love to give them credit for these words.

“We cannot let our achievements obscure the fact that so much remains to be done; they should instead inspire us to an even greater effort.”

This is so beautiful to me. This is why I can eagerly anticipate tomorrow. It is a chance to continue in life. Moving forward on my journey. It is my prayer that this touched you as much as it did me and fills you up with a great desire to carry on. Life is full of obstacles most of us never imagined we would face.

So, whatever crazy things happened today in your world – remember – tomorrow is about living inspired to carry on!

Peace, joy, and happiness to you,

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12 Responses to “Grandma’s Scratch Pad”

  1. Sherry Hubright says:

    No truer words, my dear friend. You have encouraged my heart today. Janet, I am incredibly blessed to know you!!

  2. lynne C. martin says:

    this is wonderful… thank you for sharing

  3. Laura Waits says:

    So beautiful… that absolutely touched my soul today. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Robin White says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart on this. Love this note – it resonated with me because of my Mom – she was a list maker as well. And with my yesterday being so crazy and not at all what I intended, well. I am inspired now, to carry on.

  5. Sharon yurky says:

    Another excellent writing;) so many memories around that kitchen table

    • Janet Reeger says:

      Oh Sharon – so many and you were a part of them. I’m grateful for God’s gift of remembering the good times. Love you.

  6. Sylvia Gray says:

    “so much remains to be done”, on May 17th my oldest sister left this earth. We buried her on May 21st. On that day Brock’s dad left this earth shattering our lives once again. The grief has been overbearing, but I found much encouragement from those six words.

    • Janet Reeger says:

      Sylvia – what an amazing amount of sadness and grieving you are facing right now. I understand overbearing grief. God continues to carry me through the moments I feel as though I can’t take one more step. God will give you the same loving care. His love eases the pain that never leaves – it follows you like your shadow does. I know His hand is all over my journey but like you – it is hard. You know Him so well – He will move into places in your heart you didn’t know existed. That part is the most beautiful. Prayers of comfort and a big heartfelt hug to you today.

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