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The Women of My Hope – Mi Esperanza

Our non profit organization – Mi Esperanza – The Women of My Hope – began with the goal of making a long term change in the lives of women. Every day we met women while working in the communities surrounding Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Many of them young, too young, had multiple children. School dropouts because their families needed them to work to provide additional income for the parents and siblings to have enough food just to survive – not thrive. My definition of having had a hard day looks very different from theirs.

As our relationships deepened through time spent with them, it became personal to us. God planted a seed within Lori and I – sometimes together – and sometimes individually – a seed that wouldn’t stop growing. In spite of the fact we had no experience – nothing in our lives indicated we would be the ones God chose for this ministry – we followed that call God placed on our hearts.

It has been challenging. We run two separate non-profits. One in the US for fund raising purposes and one in Honduras to run the programs there. Following all the laws that are always changing in a struggling government is one of the top challenges we face. I try not to remember the couple times we looked at each other, tears streaming down our faces, and feebly whispered to each other, I don’t know how we can keep doing this.

Grieving the thought of the obstacles facing us, so daunting, it seemed at times they would cause us to walk away. We stood back and watched as God put pieces together in a way only He could, to allow the programs to continue.

We don’t know what the future looks like for Mi Esperanza, however, we face it with great anticipation. God moves new people into our lives. Incredible people who share our passion for serving. Our passion for sharing hope – God’s hope in the lives being built through education. Mi Esperanza provides opportunities to women who would never be able to fulfill their desire to learn. This knowledge gives them the ability to support their families in a way their own mothers never had the ability to. Breaking the cycle is critical to change.

Change that begins with a desire within each woman’s heart – that seed God planted within each woman – a determination to empower our children to live productive, happy lives. We have watched women in our programs evolve from shy, intimidated women in the first days of classes, to women engaged in conversations with us. They have so much life in them and pride as they learn a skill they recognize as the tools needed to change their family’s lives. In recognizing the power of education in their own lives, their children’s education becomes more important to them.

Education is empowering. Opportunity is the hope Mi Esperanza provides.

We love what we do. We love sharing what we do. Please let us know if you would be interested in more information about us.

May the Lord bless you – richly – as only He is able.

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