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A Bird’s Eye View

I took this picture from a bird’s eye view . . . Can anyone guess what this is? Perspective is a crazy thing. It can make things look so big they are insurmountable. Sounds like life sometimes doesn’t it? Imagine standing down in the bottom of this canyon. Looking up makes me tired. That’s a lot of steps. All through
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Into The Blue

Climbing through the clouds early one morning on a short flight to Houston, the pilot announced we were heading to 23,000 ft. We passed through the final layers and burst into the clear air above. The blueish horizon of clouds lay just beneath the line giving a clue to where the sun was about to make its appearance. I should
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Happy New Year 2017

Raising our four kids who were born in five and a half years was anything but dull and certainly never boring. If I wasn’t pregnant and nursing, there were two in diapers at the same time – twice – the first three were born in two and a half years. Then along came number four three years later. If you
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