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First Responders

Awhile back, on a beautiful south Louisiana Sunday afternoon, one of my sons and grandson were involved in an accident on their way to meet me. Praise be to God our Father, the arms that wrapped around them during the accident and the hand of God as the accident played out in a way that only could have been written
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Just Because

It is real. We need to quit feeling like we are failures. We need to quit feeling unloved. Our God loves us so much, He put a piece of himself deep in the center of us when He created us. Now that’s love. Lean into Him. That’s where the peace comes from. That’s where we are empowered to overcome –
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All Those Lives

    Two lives – at least. God designed us to live one life. There are two ways of thinking about that. We are born. We live until we die. Or We live one life at work one at home and another . . . {you fill in the blanks}. The other life is the one we live at church.
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