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For our Monday update from the world of Aria comes this great pic of her running with her cousin Louie. I think she just redefined the meaning of running with the big dogs. My son, Jonathan, took this pic of them. It is ridiculously cute. How does she have the courage to do that? She is running fearlessly – with
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Hold Still

My granddaughter has a new puppy. She weighs about two pounds. I was grand dog sitting the other day and it was time to take her out. It was cold enough she needed her sweater. Oh. My. Two pounds my friends. That’s her against me. It was what I imagine wrestling an octopus would be like. She almost won. But
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Be Still

Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to say – I had an appointment in thirty minutes. As I came down my little street, the construction guys who had been hard at work for the past week laying a new sewer pipe had completely blocked it. One day they cut the water lines. Another day – I came home to no
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