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My Christmas Story

The lowly in spirit. The crushed spirits. If we look around in the crowds we will see them. On the fringes. Hugging the corners. Working very hard to convince themselves that they are indeed invisible. Christmas is so hard. For so many. For so many reasons. For years now it has brought unimaginable sadness to my brokenness. Yet, in that
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I Am A Sheep of Your Pasture

I took this picture in Spain while driving from Antequera to Malaga. It took my breath away. Pulling over, rolling my window down Рmy breath stilled, my heart overwhelmed. Many of the sheep in the pasture had bells around their necks Рthere were probably a thousand sheep . . . . . .  and the sound was one
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The Miracle

As these words find their way to this page this morning, I’m not sure what to expect, what’s going to show up. My heart is full. More than 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest son, there were few, if ever, ultrasounds, sonograms or growth scans done – much less 2-D, 3-D and now 4-D. Yesterday, my
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