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Love Your People Well

Something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ve spent the last days in India. I’m visiting friends. I’m tired. Jet. Lag. Is. Real. It’s been an amazing few days but in a few hours, I begin the long journey home. I came to celebrate a major life and work event with them. I was not disappointed.
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Drinking From a Fire Hydrant

Exhausted. Tired to my bones. Weak. Shoulders slumping. Weary. Numb. How. Do. I. Go. On? Life is demanding. My mind never stops. One thing after another after another after another keeps on coming. It’s never one thing – or a couple of small things – or even a couple of big things that threaten to knock me down and out.
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Son in the Mourning

Wonder, doubt and fear fill my heart. I wonder when the pain will stop, doubt my ability to conquer it and fear what and who I will become. How is it possible to hurt so deeply? It is dark. A darkness that can be felt physically. A darkness that sucks the oxygen out of me reminding myself of a fish
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