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Plugged In

  International travel always requires the adapters to be packed with the chargers necessary to keep everything up and running. Funny thing is there are so many different types, I have to check to be sure I have the exact one to work in each country. Even so, there are times I get into places that nothing seems to work.
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I Am A Sheep of Your Pasture

I took this picture in Spain while driving from Antequera to Malaga. It took my breath away. Pulling over, rolling my window down Рmy breath stilled, my heart overwhelmed. Many of the sheep in the pasture had bells around their necks Рthere were probably a thousand sheep . . . . . .  and the sound was one
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A Little More Sense(s)

I love weather. Growing up on a farm definitely ingrained in me an understanding of how it impacts our lives in a multitude of ways. I’m always paying attention. God gave us five senses. Any time I use more than one of them to see God at work, it sticks with me much longer. What I gain is deeper and
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