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Six Times

I’ve been busy this week – trying to recover from our trip to India. It has been a trying time waiting for my body to flip from the 10.5 hours time change. Gratefully, God created our bodies so uniquely that we are able to do that with a little patience. I have written two stories about my mom’s journey since
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Like A Butterfly

And there it was… the gentle reminder of the creator I serve and worship. Grace and patience paced her journey. The butterfly floated by on the soft breeze moving across the water. The boat continued down the river in the opposite direction. In a few minutes, I lost sight of her. Briefly, in that moment, I marveled at the mystery
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The First Scary Step

Going with the belief that life is all about taking the first step even when it is scary – I’m beginning my blog. Curiosity is my encouragement to move forward. What does my life look like with God walking beside me? My life is my journey. Your life is your journey. Our stories may overlap as the earth we walk
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