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My Strength and My Song

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.

He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.

Exodus 15:2

My STRENGTH and my SONG.  Being a woman approaching 60 sometime in the future (not saying how soon) my life has been anything but dull.  From growing up on a farm to being married young, having three sons = three daughter-in-laws, one daughter = one son-in-law = anything but boring.  Throw in five or six grandkiddos, lots of years moving all over the country, sending kids off to college, traveling and the adventures continue.  

Starting a non profit in a foreign country certainly added an interesting twist.  Surviving a storm named Katrina began my journey into a new era of disaster relief as I became director of two different organizations over the next year and a half.  Losing a lot of people and friends through divisions wrought with turmoil taught me the pain of loss.  Moving from that into a divorce after being married more than 35 years, threatened to leave me completely dysfunctional, worthless to anyone.  

The past eight years have been a journey of discovery and recovery.  A journey that continues every day.  Realizing God created me and remembering every day God is faithful to His promises in His word that He gave ME – I continue my journey. But not alone.  At times fearful, at times terrified, I claim His word as my lifeline.  

It is my prayer that what I have been through can touch hearts that are hurting in waves of unspeakable pain.  I have pleaded with God not to let me waste anything I have learned on this amazing journey.  If there is one heart I can encourage to continue the journey, one way I can show someone how to find the lifeline God has prepared for each of us, one person who comes to believe through the pain, that God has prepared a journey where He carries us and comforts us and becomes the Light in the very dark places we find ourselves, then what I have been through has not been for nothing – my prayers answered.  

This is why God is my STRENGTH and my SONG.

Rainbow in Santa Ana, Francisco Morazon, Honduras

Rainbow in Santa Ana, Francisco Morazon, Honduras

I love my life.  

Does it look anything like I would have ever imagined?  Not in a million years. Do I ever wish it was different?  Absolutely.    Do I struggle everyday with the consequences of living in my world with people I can not change? Yep.   Am I afraid of the future?  There are moments when I would answer yes to that – absolutely, BUT, then I remember God is there and His promises are true.  And I know I will be ok – better than ok – I will be AWESOME!!!!

3 Responses to “My Strength and My Song”

  1. Susi Tirado says:

    Dear Janet:
    Thank you for sharing with me such a wonderful website. I am so happy I get to see more of your incredibly inspiring narrative. God has given you a good heart and wisdom, it is reflected in your writing. I love that you are sharing your experiences with me and with the whole world. It is like being right next to you. You know how much love and encouragement your experiences give all of us?!,.
    The world needs to read more of your life extracts, we are always filled with noise, always on the go that we almost forget to stop and think what really matters.
    You are right Janet, I translate your feeling: God is our hero!!!!

  2. Troi Ann Kite says:

    Thank-you, for sharing your journey of life and travels. I look forward to reading your blog and travel along with you in your writing.

  3. Dannie Goodwin says:

    You are such an inspiration. I am so moved by your open and humble heart and by your joyous relationship with God. You make me want to direct my life to higher goals and a closer relationship with Him.
    Love you!

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