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The Present

My last post ( My Christmas Story ) talked about the journey I have walked through healing from the loss I have encountered at Christmas time. I mentioned this is the first year I have put up a tree and several people asked me for a picture of it. I have loved having a Christmas tree back in my life. It’s not
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My Christmas Story

The lowly in spirit. The crushed spirits. If we look around in the crowds we will see them. On the fringes. Hugging the corners. Working very hard to convince themselves that they are indeed invisible. Christmas is so hard. For so many. For so many reasons. For years now it has brought unimaginable sadness to my brokenness. Yet, in that
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Hospitality Thoughts

I posted my thoughts about Hospitality every day this week on Instagram. You can follow me and my adventures there @jlikestogo. Hospitality has been extended to me around the world. It might look different in every place we sit, but if we think about it – isn’t it about the people sitting across from us, beside us and around us?
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