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Stranded – Day 28

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

Interstate 12 through Louisiana just as the rains were ending. The rains that dumped 30" just north and east of Baton Rouge.

Interstate 12 through Louisiana just as the rains were ending. The rains that dumped 30″ just north and east of Baton Rouge.

August 14, 2016

My son took this picture as he and his friend were heading out to join rescue efforts the day after the rains stopped. While you see a deserted road here – Interstate 12  – not many miles to the west there were approximately 1500 people stranded – they had been there over 24 hours by this time.

Rescue efforts were hampered because the lay of the land prohibited boats from being able to reach the stranded. Everyone was on the highest place they could get to near the bridges and overpasses that had turned into islands.

Helicopters evacuated many as the hours passed and the water continued to rise.

But right here – right in this place when he took this picture – there was no way of knowing what lay ahead.

It looks so peaceful doesn’t it?

Yes, you see where I’m going with this – don’t you?

Often in our lives, we are taken by surprise, becoming stranded – scrambling for high ground as we watch the waters rising all around us . . . usually associated with grief, loss and helplessness . . . and no one being able to reach us and save us.

So. Many. Times.

BUT –  the beautiful part of growing through these experiences is learning no matter how badly we are stranded – God can reach us there.

God promises us in the scripture above that He will be with us where ever we go. He tells us to be strong. Be courageous.

Don’t be frightened. Don’t be dismayed.

I remember this even when I am in places no one can reach. Where it seems the waters are rising too fast and becoming too deep and moving like the mighty Mississippi – it is there God does His most beautiful work.

He shows up.

Like the helicopters showed up – He lifts me right out of the bad place I’m in. Dries me off and holds me close. Experiencing the love of God – that rights every wrong, every broken part of me – calms every fear {long list of those}, and has enough left to go back and rescue every one of us.

That’s the God I present to you. My God. My Hope. My lifeline.

And . . . the beautiful part of Him – He’s waiting for you to call to Him. He is there for you in your darkest place. Just waiting.

“Lord, oh how we praise Your name. Your love for us overwhelms. Your love embraces us as You lift us up and out of the dangerous places we find ourselves in – the places we can’t manage. Where we feel helpless. Thank You for showing up when we call Your name. Forgive us when it takes so long. Forgive us when we get into such messes trying to do life on our own. We love You Lord. Amen.”


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