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Heart Problems

A beautiful ending to this day and an even more beautiful reminder of the Creator of this earth.

A beautiful ending to this day and an even more beautiful reminder of the Creator of this earth and each of us.

There is evil in this world. The darkest of darkness we all want to believe cannot exist.

It does exist and the darkness grows each time we give it space.

There are places we don’t want to go – things we don’t want to acknowledge – beyond our comprehension of evil.

Let’s pretend it can’t be that bad.

We don’t want to go there – so it isn’t going to affect us.

But it comes to us.

It seeks us out – leaving no one untouched.

It grows.

We give it an inch and it takes a mile.

It names itself  – tolerance, acceptance.

It is a shape shifter – constantly changing its face – becoming what each individual is comfortable with in order to advance its occupancy of our space.

It’s attempt at invading our country, our communities, our schools, churches, workplaces – down into our very homes – dividing us to our core – to the very center of ourselves to where we begin to doubt or fear speaking truth – truth we know is truth – pure

You say intolerance is the problem . . .

but in the very moment you speak those words – have you not become intolerant of intolerance – becoming the very thing you protest?

The march of the evil continues its advance.

It shows up in one place – like a magician fools us and distracts us – all the while the real action is taking place in the other hand – it has us focusing on one section of our country and our fellow Americans – enraging, distracting us from what is going on in the other hand.

We need to turn around and  pay attention to what is going on in the opposite direction. We have become sheep – complacent and content to jump on the latest and loudest bandwagon of protest.

It’s a heart problem

If my heart is healthy
I will find a way to help feed the hungry.
I will find a way to comfort the broken hearted
I will share a smile and an encouraging word
I will speak hope into the hearts who feel no hope
I will go into the world and look for ways to serve
I will see clearly the pain of the sick and broken
I will choose love not hate –

When I don’t know what to say – my words are gone – I know Jesus’ words answer every question – His words solve every problem – His words comfort – His words bring hope to the sick – His words go into the deepest places on earth – into the deepest places in our hearts because He created this beating heart in our chest.

He created the pathways where flowing blood brings life support to our human bodies.

He knows His way around our hearts and He knows – He knows its intentions – to serve and to love.

Or to hurt and to hate.

He loves us so much – He let us choose.

He created us in His image.

When we lose sight of that piece of Him He placed in us, we lose the ability to love the world as He loved.

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