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Katrina – I’m No Exception {Part 3}

We returned to Mandeville Thursday night.  Katrina had made landfall the previous Monday.   On Friday morning, I awakened early – about 6 am.I went out to the garage to get a bottle of water, then decided to sit in the driveway and pray, begging and pleading with God to use us – to guide us and direct us. Never had
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Katrina – I’m No Exception {Part Two}

{This is Part Two of three part series. Read Part 1 here.} The grief follows me as closely as my shadow and never leaves me – never will.  There is no escaping that pain. Yet . . . Experience has taught me the closer I stay to the light, the smaller my shadow is. Jesus spoke these words in John
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Katrina – I’m No Exception {Part One}

Ten years ago. I recently watched the ABC special with Robin Roberts documenting the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. She shared how in New Orleans and the surrounding communities everyone refers to life before and life after Katrina. No one’s life has been the same since Katrina swept through southern Louisiana. Even my granddaughter, Emma, who was only two when
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