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“Come sit with me.”

The night before Jesus was arrested that fateful  {or not so fateful} morning He went to the garden to pray.

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane

I’ve heard that story all my life.

Isn’t it interesting He went there? Why not the synagogue. Why not His friend’s house? Why did He ask the disciples to wait for Him outside the garden?

As a small child growing up on the family farm with my grandparents living next door, a lot of my favorite memories include following Grandpa around his yard caring for the many flowers he planted there. When I was very young I would just sit and watch him. As I grew older he patiently taught me the difference between flowers and weeds and how to water without drowning them. I learned more than I realized. In those days, he was the only man I knew that loved his flowers and always had a yard of specimen beds full of the most beautiful flowers. Peonies, iris, roses and dahlias, zinnias, coleus and many others were everywhere.


Much of the time with him was quiet. He was a gentle spirit of a man. In all my years I never remember him being angry with me or raising his voice.

Many times when I was in trouble at home, I would seek him and just come along side him in whatever he was doing. I wonder now if he knew I was in trouble when I came looking for him? Probably. He could always be found in his carpenter shop or in the garden.

Not really knowing what it was I was looking for, I just knew life was better when I was hanging out with him.

Right now – peace and comfort and an acute awareness of coming to God just like Jesus did cause my thoughts and heart to slow and be still. In the presence. In the quiet. Among the beauty. Even with the storm raging around Him – this is where He went.

The garden represents different things to each of us. Often I find myself in the mountains or on the beach or even standing in the grocery store admiring the flowers. Sometimes it is in the midst of a city sitting in a park or by a river. Sometimes it is driving and watching an amazing sunset evolve.

sunset covington

I’ve learned to use these reminders of my Father, God, to take a moment and smile at the beauty there.

This world is determined to rob us of quiet moments. Of being able to refocus and become still. We forget how critical it is to spend quiet time with God. It is just as important we remember to leave our friends, our family and everyone and thing that is so important to us “outside” as we enter into His presence. All the distractions that separate us from Him – no matter how good, important and pressing they are.

Begin seeking a place and time when you can just be. Be still. Be quiet. Be present in the presence of our Creator. Learn to listen to that small quiet voice inside that constantly gets drowned out by this noisy world. Listen for your own heartbeat. Seek to learn what our loving God wants you to know.

So as a child my journey began in the garden with my grandfather who has been gone for many years. I continue that journey today in the “garden” with God, my eternal Father knowing my life is better when I’m hanging out with Him.

I hear His gentle voice saying “come sit awhile with Me”.

And I go to the “garden”.

Be still. Be peace.

                                                            Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God;

                                                      I will be exalted among the nations,

                                                           I will be exalted in the earth.”

“Lord, Please give us the courage to change how we see You in this world. Each day is filled with so much life, so much news and tragedy one after another, so much division and controversy. Please let us seek Your wisdom as we attempt to be Your light in a very dark place. Please let us see You in ways we never have before. Let us feel Your presence in each conversation and in how we interact in a world of hurting people. How do we respond to situations all around us that have the potential to be used by the enemy? Create in us a desire – a strong desire – to draw nearer and nearer to You – to rely on You for the responses and actions that serve You! Use us Lord and guide us these days. Thank You for the ways You reveal Yourself to us and how we have the opportunity to reach in closer to know You in ways we never have before. Help us be still. We love You Lord. Forgive our human ways when we are tired, exhausted and feel like life is closing in at warp speed. We love You Lord and desire to be in Your presence. Amen”

3 Responses to “Come Sit With Me”

  1. Cheryl Kreller says:

    Janet, I have seen you in a while, and I miss seeing you and hope you are well. Love you my friend.

  2. Cheryl Kreller says:

    That was supposed to be I have not seen you in a while.

    • Janet Reeger says:

      Hi Cheryl! I’m laughing right now because I completely understood what you meant. 🙂 I’m doing well – just busy with all the family, traveling back and forth from Honduras and enjoying summer. How are all of you? We need to have coffee soon!

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