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Faded Beauties

barnold flag tennessee wwpics

This picture reminds me of the places in my life that are faded. Places that are worn, that time has passed through and left behind moments – some happy – some sad. The shadows hide memories best left there. The shades of old barn wood evoke a spirit of history, weathered by the snow, the rain, days filled with sunshine and cloudy days – Remember laying on the grass and watching the clouds pass over? Remember the days that felt they would never end?

Identifying with the barn wood, I recognize parts and pieces of me that look similar – each life experience creating its mark. There is the tattered flag – in such pieces yet look at the color it still brings to the picture – it contributes to the beauty.

There is a tree growing there in the corner – green is one of my favorite colors.

Yet there is a beauty in me too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a picture of ourselves and sit and study the little wrinkles, the tenacious gray hairs, the lumps of arthritis on our hands, that little smile line at the corner of our mouth or the slight limp as our knee complains? Or – (This is where you add your own words.) ☺ – see the beauty in all the pieces that make us who we are?

Occasionally a piece of me becomes brittle and fragile, threatening to turn into a splinter just like happens on the barn wood, breaking off and causing pain to anyone brave enough to get close.

Maybe it’s the composition of stories easily remembered and some my mind still stumbles over and I realize that is what makes me who I am today just like it makes you who you are today.

So, even as we begin to fade, we have the opportunity to grow closer to our God who created us – beauties in our own story – He endures forever . . .

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