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Jesus Loves Me

#sunset #Jesuslovesme #fromtheplane

#sunset #Jesuslovesme #fromtheplane

Confusion floods my mind – overflowing into my heart. Can I make sense of this nonsense? The word hope is being shoved through the jumbled clutter of confusion. Behind hope I see a shadow of Jesus looking at me- a deeply pensive look – filled with tenderness as He takes my heart into His hands and holds it tenderly there, scattering the cluttered confusion of life and in its place filling me with the hope of eternal joy.

Hope filled with the promise of eternity – with Him forever. His smile grows larger. He comes closer, reaching out, pulling me deep into His chest to a place where I am safe from all that would harm me. And for awhile – in that rest – I know the journey will continue and I will never be alone.

I love how Jesus waits for us to look up – to overcome the world that creates loneliness – how He waits for us to join Him . . . Oh How He Loves Each of Us!

1 Timothy 1:14 Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus.

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