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My Christmas Post

Well, it is in fact, December 29th but I am still going to post this. My blog has been down for several days due to an important update I didn’t know I needed and after many emails, texts and phone calls my diligent buddies, J and S, got it all figured out. Goodness, I lack in the techie world. I
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Son in the Mourning

Wonder, doubt and fear fill my heart. I wonder when the pain will stop, doubt my ability to conquer it and fear what and who I will become. How is it possible to hurt so deeply? It is dark. A darkness that can be felt physically. A darkness that sucks the oxygen out of me reminding myself of a fish
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Ewwww! That’s Gross!

Having raised three sons and a daughter, I have seen my share of gross. My five grandchildren have given me even more opportunities to experience the “yuck” factor. Despite my experiences, Little did I ever dream that the grossest, most vile thing of all would one day come from my own body. On a recent trip to Honduras, I left
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