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Happy Birthday Mom

As I read posts on Facebook and other social media, I am realizing many people relive their losses as the calendar rolls through the year. The older we get, the more loss we inevitably experience. Honoring the ones who are gone is a blessing as we can focus on the good memories and concrete them into our lives. Choosing to
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A Little More Sense(s)

I love weather. Growing up on a farm definitely ingrained in me an understanding of how it impacts our lives in a multitude of ways. I’m always paying attention. God gave us five senses. Any time I use more than one of them to see God at work, it sticks with me much longer. What I gain is deeper and
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Favorite Pics of Belize

I was not able to publish my blog when I was in Belize. The internet was a bit of a challenge. After a trip, I like to organize my favorites – moments, food, observations and things I like. Below are what I have chosen from Belize. Enjoy!

Just A Little Different

Like many people, I love beaches and exploring how different they are around the world. The current beach is on Ambergris Caye – an island 32 miles into the Caribbean off the coast of Belize City. It is an hour and a half water taxi ride. I haven’t been to many Caribbean islands. Dear friends of mine have rented a
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Moving Day (part two of two)

I don’t even remember how many times I have moved in my adult life. From north to south, further south and international, north again then south and west and deep south again. If there were a line following us on a map, you would think my two year old grandson Reid had drawn all over it with a crayon. Over
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Heavy, Heavy, Heavy (Part one of two)

“Hey, Mom, what’s going on?” I asked my Mom, a mother of five. We talked as she waited on her porch for the adult daycare center van, and I heard her excitement, knowing I would be there soon. I reminded her that my flight from Louisiana to Pennsylvania wouldn’t get in until later that night and assured her I would
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Six Times

I’ve been busy this week – trying to recover from our trip to India. It has been a trying time waiting for my body to flip from the 10.5 hours time change. Gratefully, God created our bodies so uniquely that we are able to do that with a little patience. I have written two stories about my mom’s journey since
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